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  • We are (still) adding new texts in TEI P5, especially Mary Waters's edition of literary criticism by Anna Barbauld (go to the Criticism tab for links)
  • An issue of the PAJournal called "Visualizing the Archive" is now available.
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Written and published during what one literary critic has called the “bull market” of poetry, writings in the poetess tradition were disseminated in myriad collections – miscellanies, beauties, literary annuals, gift books – and achieved prominence . . . .

Update August 2013

Visualization Tool for Poetic Elements 1750-1850

Laura Mandell presented Manesh Chaturverdi's poetry visualization tool at DH2012 in Hamburg; Luis Menses presented his work at DH2013 in Nebraska.

New to the Poetess Archive August 2015

Editor Mary Waters has been adding Anna Barbauld's Criticism:

For more of Barbauld's Criticism, please see the links on the home page of the Criticism tab, above.