The Sister Arts - British Gardening, Painting, & Poetry (1700-1832)
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This site brings together visual, literary and historical materials that document the interrelation of poetry, painting, and garden design in English culture from 1700-1832. Known as the “sister arts” because they were considered to achieve similar effects on readers and viewers, these three genres were considered the most artistically important forms by many eighteenth-century artists and critics.

The user of this site will be able to view and compare photographs of surviving eighteenth-century English gardens; paintings and drawings of gardens that no longer exist; landscape paintings that influenced garden designers and poets; poems that influenced landscape designers and painters; and descriptions and images of landscape gardens that influenced poets and painters. In addition, the “Secondary Sources” section offers recent critical discussions of the Sister Arts phenomenon.

This site was created by Lisa L. Moore, Associate Professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies at The University of Texas at Austin . It is for use by University of Texas students and scholars and is password-protected. Please do not reproduce material from this site without permission.

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