The Big Data Infrastructure Visualization Application, or BigDIVA for short, is a new interface presently being developed to interact with the ARC catalogue and other valuable datasets.

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Designed for both large displays (such as the Humanities Visualization Space at Texas A&M University) and smaller personal computers, BigDIVA offers researchers the ability to research, discover, and curate digital artifacts in new and exciting ways.  By presenting users with a visualization of their search results, as well as a summary view of returns for search parameters other than what they selected, BigDIVA transforms how researchers find data on a computer from simple searching into discovery.  That is, BigDIVA turns query-based searching into something much more like exploring items in a library’s stacks: it allows users not only to view the results that they expect from a given search criteria, but also to discover items related to their search in ways that they did not expect.

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